Why join?

EKRA believes it is very important for Kodak retirees to be connected through membership in EKRA for two key reasons:

  1. Now that Kodak has emerged from bankruptcy, EKRA will continue to monitor Kodak performance very closely. A successful Kodak means the KRIP pension plan will continue and pension payments will continue to be made successfully to thousands of retirees and survivors. The months and years following Kodak's emergence from bankruptcy will be critical to determine if Kodak can be successful. We believe it is important for EKRA to monitor the company and communicate with its members.
  2. EKRA will continue our membership in National Retiree Legislative Network (NRLN). This is an excellent way for retirees to stay in touch with and provide influence over legislation being considered at the state and national level. Some of the legislation the NRLN is seeking involves Pension Asset Protection; PBGC Reform; Bankruptcy Reform; and Protection and Enhancement of Retiree Healthcare. Membership in EKRA provides membership in NRLN, therefore linking all of us (individually and as a body) to the national retiree issues.

Who can join?

  • Retirees (qualified under Kodak retirement plans)
  • Paid Up Deferred Annuitants  (Kodak employment prior to being eligible to retire, but have a vested benefit they are drawing or have not yet started to draw)
  • Active employees (with vested benefit)
  • LTDs (drawing LTD benefits but will draw KRIP in the future)
  • Survivors of deceased retirees (receiving a portion of their spouse's KRIP benefits)
  • Cash Balance plan participants (because their money is in KRIP)
  • Anyone who is interested in Kodak Retiree issues

Paying your Dues

There are no Renewal Dues for 2020.  EKRA will notify you when your next renewal payment is due.


It is easy!

A membership subscription is $15 for 12 months. Because we are not a charity, donations are not tax deductible.

There are 2 ways that you can pay your dues: Credit Card and Check. As you consider your payment method, please keep in mind that we are a total volunteer organization and processing a check by mail is very time-consuming.  We encourage you to pay via credit card as it is secure, saves you postage, provides both you and EKRA with proof of payment and reduces the administrative work for our volunteers.


1. To pay by credit card:

Please click the "PayPal/EKRA" logo below, and you will be taken to the PayPal payment page, where you can pay by credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.  There are just four steps:

  1. Insert $15.00 or a larger amount if warranted.
  2. Click Update Total
  3. Enter your payment method details
  4. Important: After you see your PayPal confirmation page, click on


"Return to EKRA Ltd"


to receive your EKRA Password. If you miss this step, you will receive the password within 5-7 business days in a "Welcome to EKRA" email.


2. To pay by check:

Open and complete the membership form below.  After completing the form, print it on your computer printer.  Mail your check for $15.00 (or more) payable to EKRA Ltd.  and send it with the entire printed form to:


P.O.Box 25660
Rochester, NY 14625


For faster processing, DO NOT staple or tape checks, forms and/or envelopes. For your privacy, DO NOT include your Kodak insurance number or employee ID.


If you provide EKRA with an email address, you will receive the EKRA password in a "Welcome to EKRA" email, within 30 days of submitting your enrollment form.

EKRA Membership Form
Complete, print and mail the entire page with your payment.
EKRA Membership.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.0 KB]
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