What we do

EKRA develops and provides objective pension and benefit information and alternatives to our members so they may make better decisions about their financial risks and personal security. We will also use this information to advocate for our members’ interests with legislative leaders.


We will achieve our purposes by:

  • Communicating with retirees and stakeholders to discuss win/win options.
  • Associating and lobbying, directly and indirectly, with legislative leaders and other organizations at the local, state, and national levels for changes in the law to better protect retiree benefits.

What we don't do

We are focused on how to manage any possible future declines in retiree benefits. We will engage and exchange perspectives with Kodak retirees and legislative leaders in ways that can achieve win/win outcomes.


We offer no individual counseling services.

We can not replace former Kodak HR services, replace the services of call centers, offer advice about the best healthcare plan or what to do with SIP.


There are many resources available on our Contacts page in the Members section where you can find these services. Phone numbers for various service centers are provided in the Quick Links box to the right.

EKRA Board

All members of the Board and all other volunteers serve without compensation.


Board of Directors

Dale Dewey

Fern Hannum

Jim Peters

Sue Powers

Art Roberts

Bob Volpe

Board Officers

Art Roberts, President

Dale Dewey, Vice President
Jim Peters, Secretary
Fern Hannum, Treasurer




EKRA Ltd. is totally independent of Kodak. Nothing presented on this website represents the opinions or policies of Kodak, its management or subsidiaries.


EKRA Ltd. is a not for profit corporation formed under Section 501(c)(4) of IRS Regulations. EKRA is governed exclusively by its by-laws and the decisions made by its board of directors.

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