Appointment of Official Committee of Retired Employees

Published May 3, 2012

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Court Approves the Formation of a Retiree Committee

Published April 16, 2012


The Bankruptcy Court has approved Kodak’s motion to form a Retiree Committee. This is good news for all retirees and is a significant step forward in protecting retiree benefits. The committee will act as the authorized representative of all Kodak retirees with respect to any future proposals to modify retiree benefits. The US Trustee will select the Retiree Committee from lists of names provided by EKRA, Kodak and other sources. The committee is expected to consist of 7-9 members and will be announced by early May.


EKRA and our attorneys have been very proactive in working with the court, Kodak and the US Trustee to encourage them to place EKRA representation on the committee. We are cautiously optimistic that EKRA will be represented on the committee. Your continued support of EKRA has and will enhance our standing with Kodak and the Bankruptcy Court. Encourage others you may know to join now.


Thank you for your continued support!

Your EKRA Team

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