EKRA 2014 Member Survey Results


The survey results confirm members believe that the EKRA leadership team is on the right track by focusing on the key issues that members believe are important. Our mission to monitor, educate, advocate and communicate with our members is what members want the organization to do. As a result of the survey, EKRA will be taking the following actions moving forward:


1.   Kodak Pension and PBGC: We’ll continue to monitor Kodak’s operations to the extent that there are any indications of risk to the Kodak Retirement Income Plan. At this time, there are no indications that Kodak plans to modify the pension plan for current retirees. We’ll also monitor PBGC policies and actions for changes in that organization’s role as the ultimate safety net for pensions. Several issues have emerged regarding trends in pensions. One current trend is what is known as "de-risking”. This applies to companies that decide to transfer their pension plan from their own responsibility to the responsibility of an insurance company by buying annuity policies for all retirees. Through our relationship with NRLN we are watching this trend and bringing it to the attention of elected officials. While the risk may go down for the employer, it may go up for the retiree because the annuity does not have the PBGC guarantee if the insurance company should fail.


2.   Health Care Enrollment: We will continue to provide links to a variety of decision-making tools that members can use during the annual healthcare enrollment period. EKRA cannot provide individualized support or recommendations on what is the best healthcare solution for members.


3.  NRLN agenda: EKRA membership in NRLN gives us access to information regarding legislative issues being considered by Congress, access to legislators, committee staffs and members of the administration regarding issues related to retiree benefits. Our membership also helps magnify our voice in Washington because we are partners with many other retiree groups that in total represent millions of retirees. We encourage you to read the NRLN Alerts as they are released.


The entire survey report and results are available here:

EKRA 2014 Member Survey Results
Full survey analysis and report.
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